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    Industrial electric furnace technical information

    Energy-saving 3 T steel shell melting furnace auxiliary equipment configuration instructions

    The new energy-saving 3 T steel shell melting furnace must be equipped with the following equipment configuration:

    1, IF furnace furnace leakage alarm device

    3 T steel shell melting furnace needs to set the lining thickness detecting device: When the lining thickness detecting device works normally, the work indicator lights up and the warning light goes out. When the furnace lining has a low resistance phenomenon or the induction coil has a short circuit to the ground, the alarm lamp lights up and the buzzer sounds an alarm.

    The detection device has a self-test button and a reset button. When the device is normal, the self-test button is pressed, the alarm lamp is lit, and the buzzer alarms. Press the reset button to cancel the alarm and resume the detection device to work again. The button below the reset button and the self-test button is used to break the bottom electrode. When the detecting device is in normal operation, the button can be used to initially determine the cause of the alarm. The detecting device can judge the change of the lining.

    2 , medium frequency furnace output copper row and water cooled cable

    The output of the intermediate frequency electric furnace is made of high quality T2 copper platoon with a purity of 99.9 %. The copper busbar connects the intermediate frequency furnace power supply and the furnace body water cooled cable.

    The water-cooled cable is made of high-quality T2 material multi-strand copper stranded wire. The jacket is made of American Gates carbon-free hose or high-strength flame-retardant rubber tube. The joint needs to be cold-formed to ensure good contact and strong tensile strength.

    The connection between the water-cooled cable of the intermediate frequency furnace and the induction coil needs to ensure better conductivity, no deformation under high temperature working environment, good contact, long service life, impermeability > 10kg/cm 2 , convenient and quick to replace, easy to repair.

    3 , medium frequency furnace die

    The stencil is made of  8mm steel plate and can be pulled out at any time as the furnace melts or the slab is finished.

    4 , medium frequency furnace lining fast ejection mechanism

    3 T steel shell melting furnace lining and ejector mechanism is used to quickly remove the waste lining. It needs to be composed of pusher block, pusher cylinder and operating mechanism. The jacking block is installed under the lining and can be connected to the jacking cylinder through the pushing hole at the bottom of the furnace body. When the old lining is required to be pushed out, the furnace body can be tilted by 90 , and the pushing mechanism is connected with the fixing part of the bottom of the furnace, and the furnace table is operated. The old lining can be pushed out by the handle.

    5 , medium frequency furnace table operating cabinet:

    Instrumentation and operational control devices are mounted on the panel. Install the operation switch, button, signal indicator and instrument indication on the operation console. The main function is to manually operate and stop the operation of the intermediate frequency furnace system. This panel has a hinge that can be opened for easy maintenance inspection. There are mainly the following components.

    The power meter, voltmeter shows the electric furnace voltage and frequency meter, as well as the required transmitter, voltage transformer, current transformer, used to monitor and control the operating conditions of the two electric furnaces.

    Press button to control the "run" and "disconnect" of the inverter

    Main power indicator , this indicator lights when the circuit breaker is closed and the power is supplied to the intermediate frequency furnace power supply.

    The main console outlet mode is in front of the platform, and the terminal blocks are arranged in the console panel.

    6 , medium frequency furnace hydraulic device

    The hydraulic device is mainly composed of two parts: a hydraulic pump station and a hydraulic console.

    Hydraulic power station

    The hydraulic pumping station is used to provide power to the cylinder of the tilting cylinder lining out of the mechanism cylinder. It needs to adopt a dual-machine dual-pump unit (one set of work , one set of spare), and has a pressure regulating device, oil returning and oil suction filtering device. The hydraulic cylinder requires a protective cover to ensure that the cylinder rod is not contaminated by dust and splash metal.

    Hydraulic console

    The hydraulic console is mounted on the table to control the tilting of the furnace (in the range of 0 to 95 degrees) and the lining. The operation console is operated by manual hydraulic valve. The work should be reliable, stable, without impact and creeping. The speed can be adjusted and can stay at any position.

    7 , power supply, furnace circulating water cooling system

    Power supply, induction coils and other components carrying large currents require water cooling. The cooling water system is the key system in the intermediate frequency smelting device. The power supply and the furnace water cooling system are relatively independent.The power supply and furnace circulating water cooling system is composed of a pump station, an exchanger, a closed cooling tower, a gas-water separation, a pipeline filter, and a monitoring device.

    Power cooling system

    The power supply cooling system adopts closed cooling mode. The cooling system of the furnace body removes the heat of the cooling water through the heat exchanger. It is required to set the display water pressure and temperature, and is equipped with a pressure switch and a temperature switch, a water pressure regulating switch, a water quantity control valve, etc. The component monitors the cooling system and emits an audible and visual alarm when the water pressure or temperature is abnormal, and cuts off the main power. The main components of the pump are Shanghai Kaiquan pump or tin pump. The circulating water pipes and valves are made of domestic high-quality stainless steel. The hose connection part is under pressure  1.0Mpa, and the clamp is made of stainless steel.

    Furnace cooling system RBL-80T

    The furnace cooling system adopts a closed cooling tower, and the tube heat dissipation heat exchanger is placed in the tower to ensure the cooling effect by the heat exchange between the circulating air, the spray water and the circulating water. At the same time, the furnace cooling water is cooled by the heat exchanger to the cooling water of the power supply. The closed cooling tower must meet the cooling requirements of the power supply and the cooling water of the furnace body. It is required to set the display water pressure and temperature, and is equipped with pressure switch and temperature switch, water pressure adjustment switch, water quantity control valve, self-cleaning pipeline filter and other components on the water outlet pipe to monitor the cooling system when the water pressure or temperature is abnormal. Can sound and light alarm, while cutting off the main power. The main components of the pump use Shanghai Kaiquan pump or tin pump, the circulating water pipe and valve are made of stainless steel, the hose connection part withstand voltage  1.0Mpa, the clamp is made of stainless steel.

    Hydraulic station control cabinet: ( 1 set)

    A control device is installed in the cabinet to provide power and control for the motor of the hydraulic pump station .

    The main electrical components selected ABB, Siemens, Chint brand.

    8, intermediate frequency furnace dust removal device

    During the smelting process of the intermediate frequency furnace, due to the preheating, melting and overheating of the metal charge, the movement of the furnace gas, the addition and lowering of the charge, and the damage of the refractory material, the cupola is made up of chemical action, thermal action and mechanical action. The flue gas emitted by the intermediate frequency furnace contains a large amount of harmful gases (such as SO2 , CO , HF, etc.) and solid harmful substances, which are not only harmful to humans, but also have great harm to the natural environment. The successful experience of medium frequency furnace exhaust gas, special recommended to the user bag filter, choose oil-proof waterproof polyester needle felt, take reasonable cleaning technology, control the flue gas temperature of the dust removal system, will make the system run resistance, dust removal effect Good, long life of the bag and low operating costs. The three are organically and reasonably matched, and the dust removal system achieves environmentally-friendly emission targets in a stable and reliable manner.

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