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    3T Induction Furnace

    iron melting induction furnace

    Electric furnace building mach

    Z145W microseismic compaction

    300 kg induction melting furn

    400*400 Square manhole cover B

    Square manhole cover

    700mm*800mm Manhole cover B12

    700 KW Induction Heating Furna

    300 KW Induction Heating Furna

    250 KW Induction Heating Furna

    500kg Induction Melting Furnac

    500kg Metal Induction Melting

    1 Ton Aluminum shell Induction

    1 Ton Induction Melting Furnac

    2 Ton Aluminum Shell Induction

    2T Induction Melting Furnace Q

    3Ton Aluminum Shell Induction

    3 Ton Induction Melting Furnac

    5 Tons Hydraulic Steel Shell I

    10 Ton Induction Melting Furna

    3T induction iron melting fur

    2T medium frequency iron melt

    1 ton medium frequency inducti

    1.5T medium frequency ind

    0.25T medium frequency inducti

    0.5 T induction melting furnac

    Industrial electric furnace technical information

    What is the overvoltage protection when the smelting furnace is feeding?

    Main reasons for overvoltage:

    A workpiece and coil fire or coil and oxide skin fire

    Overhaul: adjust the gap between the coil and the workpiece, clean the scale

    B. Inductive coil part, capacitor part, the main circuit is connected to the copper bar screw loosely fired

    Overhaul: tightening screws

    C. Inverter thyristor has one (two) damage

    When the inverter thyristor is damaged by one (two), the angle of observation from the meter head (inverter lead angle) is greater than or equal to 2 , and the ratio of DC current to DC voltage is much larger than normal.

    Overhaul: Replace the thyristor

    D inverter lead angle adjustment is too large

    Overhaul: Re-adjust the front angle of the inverter, it should be (1.5)

    E inverter resistance and absorption absorption part of the fault I am an outside electrician repair continuous casting crane, not the intermediate frequency electrician just learned some intermediate frequency power supply know, I hope to help you

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    Adress: Luoxin Industrial Park, Luoyang, Henan