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    Industrial electric furnace technical information

    Installation and commissioning of intermediate frequency melting furnace and common fault handling

    ( 1 ) The intermediate frequency melting furnace is not too far away from the power transformer to reduce the line loss, the compensation capacitor and the frequency conversion cabinet are divided, and the capacitor cabinet may be installed close to the furnace body.

    ( 2 ) Each set of intermediate frequency melting furnace is commissioned in the factory with its technical standard before leaving the factory, but it may be subject to vibration during transportation, the thread head and bolts are loose or damp, and the factory can be debugged after inspection.

    ( 3 ) The layout of the intermediate frequency melting furnace can refer to the floor plan and basic installation drawing provided by the company according to the workshop area and the specific conditions of the process.

    ( 4 ), medium frequency cabinet, capacitor rack, to be installed in a well ventilated, free from rain, ambient temperature

    Indoors at +5 C - +40 C. For ease of inspection and ventilation, keep a certain distance from the wall.

    ( 5 ) The fixing of the furnace should be installed on the basis of sufficient strength. The furnace body should be hoisted and placed on the foundation. Adjust the horizontal and vertical, concentric, tilt the stove by hand, check if it is stuck, and make appropriate adjustment.

    ( 6 ) Check that the electrical lines are normal, there is no looseness, desoldering, poor contact, etc. Check that the outlet water is normal, the water temperature does not exceed 35 C, the water quality meets the requirements, there is no seepage, blockage, leakage, water pipe bending and so on.

    ( 7 ) According to the rated power of the 3 ton intermediate frequency melting furnace, select the three-phase power supply line, connect the power supply of the reducer, and solder the grounding wire of the inverter.

    ( 8 ), on-site commissioning is adjusted by full-time technical personnel, first empty furnace test machine, and then heavy load test machine. After all the debugging is normal, follow the procedure below.

       <1> Control the power supply, the small meter indicates normal, and the water pressure indicator lights.

       <2> The main circuit is closed.

       <3> Turn left the Power Knobto the end (zero position), press Inverter Start, the inverter indicator lights up, and the power knob is turned clockwise. The DC voltage, DC current and intermediate frequency voltage all read and the intermediate frequency The ratio of voltage to DC voltage is between 1.2 and 1.5 , accompanied by a "whistle" sound. It shows that the 3 ton intermediate frequency melting furnace starts normally. If it does not stop, check whether there is a fault. After the fault is removed, it can be started.

      <4> Adjust the power to the optimal position. The DC current and the intermediate frequency voltage are in the normal range, and the maximum value should not exceed the rated nominal value.

      <5> After overvoltage and overcurrent protection, first turn the power knob to the zero position, press Inverter stopand repeat <3>--<4> .

      <6> , stop sequence: first turn the power adjustment knob to the left position, press inverter stop, then disconnect the main circuit switch, and finally divide the control power.

      <7> During the operation, it is found that the water-cooled component runs out of water or is blocked.

      <8> Because the furnace shell has an induced voltage, it has a feeling of numbness when feeding. The operator should wear insulated shoes, wear insulated gloves, and rubber insulation pads under the feet.

      <9> When the charge rises to the pouring temperature, the power is reduced.

      <10> After the pouring is completed, the machine is shut down, but the cooling water system must be turned off before the furnace is cooled to room temperature.

      <11> , monthly maintenance, found that dust, dust, screws loose, should be handled in a timely manner.

      <12> For the time being, it is not necessary to strengthen ventilation and drying. In winter, water should be removed as much as possible to prevent freezing of the pipeline.

      <13> Due to poor thyristor overload capability, overloading is not allowed.

      <14>, during melting, does not allow the machine or furnace, an induction coil, hitting the ground, open circuit, short circuit will result in damage to the intermediate frequency melting furnace.

      <15> In the user's maintenance, if the control part is suspected to be faulty, an alternative method can be used.

      <16> , always check whether the conductive parts are in good contact, especially if the screws at the connection between the water cooling cable and the induction coil are tight.

      <17> During the feeding process, it is nearly possible to avoid contact of the metal material with the furnace shell, and the short-circuit furnace shell connection, the scrap material falls between the induction coil and the furnace shell, causing a short circuit phenomenon.

      <18> It is strictly forbidden to cut off water during the smelting process. When the lining is too thin, it should be shut down for maintenance.

      <19> During the smelting process, the inspection and observation instructions are normal, the water pressure is normal, and the outlet water temperature is not higher than 55 C.

      <20> When feeding, the cold and wet charge should be dried first, and can not be directly thrown into the solution. The galvanized tubular charge should be slowly added. The sealed tubular material should be avoided before it is cut, so as not to cause the furnace to explode and solution. Jet.

      <21> , the top furnace freezing time should not be too long, so as not to cause the furnace to explode and the local temperature is too high. When there is freezing, the furnace should be tilted to a certain angle in time to melt the frozen part of the furnace.

      <22> The user should be equipped with special personnel to manage and repair. If you have any questions, please contact us immediately.

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