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    Electric furnace industry news

    How to repair the cracks in the ladle ?


    Iron ladle repair and daily maintenance rules:


    In the steelmaking workshop, the ladle is used to transport molten iron. Since the high temperature of the molten iron will corrode the molten iron wall, the service life is only about 150 times. If you do the daily maintenance of the ladle in the daily use process, you can extend the service life properly. The following small series talk about the daily repair and maintenance of the ladle.


    Ensure that the bottom of the ladle is covered with no slag, no obvious cracks, no obvious repairing material, and so on;


    After the above situation occurs in the ladle, the steel part is used to completely remove the defective part; then the cleaning material is used for repair and drying; if there is a sticky case, it can be removed by using the air shovel!


    It must be ensured that before the ladle is used: the surface of the wall and the bottom of the bag are clean, no dross, no hanging iron, smooth and flat;


    The temperature of the ladle must be lowered to room temperature before repairing the bag, and pay attention to the safety of itself and surrounding personnel to prevent burns, bruises and bruises. 8.5 Daily maintenance of ladle : 8.6 Every time the ladle is used, simple maintenance is required, including : timely use of steel brazing to timely remove residual slag, slag, and molten iron insulation coverings in the package; Whether the mouth and the slag mouth are defective, if there is a defect, immediately repair it with the smear material, and brush and maintain it with a general refractory paint.

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