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    400*400 Square manhole cover B

    Square manhole cover

    700mm*800mm Manhole cover B12

    700 KW Induction Heating Furna

    300 KW Induction Heating Furna

    250 KW Induction Heating Furna

    500kg Induction Melting Furnac

    500kg Metal Induction Melting

    1 Ton Aluminum shell Induction

    1 Ton Induction Melting Furnac

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    2T Induction Melting Furnace Q

    3Ton Aluminum Shell Induction

    3 Ton Induction Melting Furnac

    5 Tons Hydraulic Steel Shell I

    10 Ton Induction Melting Furna

    3T induction iron melting fur

    2T medium frequency iron melt

    1 ton medium frequency inducti

    1.5T medium frequency ind

    0.25T medium frequency inducti

    0.5 T induction melting furnac

    Electric furnace industry news

    Quality of ladle castables

    The quality of the castable depends on the quality of the aggregate and powder used, the particle size composition of the aggregate, and the amount of additive added.

    The choice of additives. In order to make the castable have good dispersibility, fluidity and low and medium temperature strength, silica fume is used as an additive. When silica fume is added to calcium aluminate cement, Al2O3 powder, magnesia powder, etc., it can change the original hydrate at low temperature and form new hydrates with them. These hydrates form a network chain and can maintain their morphology. It is from 1100to 1200 <C to ensure that they have a relatively high temperature afterburning. Studies have shown that in the castables, in addition to increasing the medium temperature strength , the SiO2 fine powder has no other benefits, and brings a series of factors that impair the high temperature performance. The amount added should be in the range of 0.5% to 2.0% .

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    Adress: Luoxin Industrial Park, Luoyang, Henan