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    Electric furnace industry news

    Z8615 double station hot core box core shooting machine equipment failure and troubleshooting




    Fault phenomenon

    the reason

    Method of exclusion

    Power indicator and PCindicator are not lit

    No power or fuse damage

    Check the power supply and replace the fuse of the same specification.


    Molding abnormality

    Improper position of the proximity switch of the barrel advance and retreat action and the barrel compression action

    Adjust the two proximity switches to bring the barrel back and release.


    The barrel advances without action

    No air pressure: or the position of the barrel is only improperly placed

    Open the air source: adjust the release of the gun to the close state


    Shot compression abnormality

    The barrel is approaching the proximity switch position improperly

    Adjust the barrel forward proximity switch.


    Abnormal sand shooting

    Open and close the mold , the position of the proximity switch of the action of the shot forward and backward, the compression of the head, etc. is improper or the timing of the shotping time is improperly adjusted.

    Check the position of the adjustment proximity switch separately: adjust the sanding time.


    No automatic

    Improper proximity switch position for opening and closing mode, barrel advance and retreat, shot compression, etc. or improper selection of the main switch

    Check the position of the adjustment proximity switch separately: Check if the master switch is in the automatic position.


    Thermostat abnormality

    The temperature measurement line is not connected or connected improperly; the temperature setting is improper

    Connect the temperature measurement line correctly: Adjust the set temperature within the normal function range.


    Hydraulic station motor abnormal

    Thermal relay action

    Reset the thermal relay and check the motor coil


    Vibrator does not move

    Compressed air pressure is low; jammed by garbage

    Check the compressed air pressure and remove the vibrator if it is correct.


    Injecting sand with the indenter and the barrel

    Indenter seal rubber ring is damaged

    Replace the rubber ring.


    When the gun is lifted, the shot is sprayed with sand.

    Exhaust time is too short; exhaust valve is damaged

    Check the replacement of the exhaust valve; clean the ash in the exhaust.


    No sand in the barrel

    The sand inlet of the sand storage bucket is blocked by debris such as an explosion bag

    Open the sand gate to observe and clear the blockage.


    Sand inlet sand

    The sand gate is stuck and the spring cannot be reset.

    Clean the dirt in the sand gate guide to make the sand gate move.



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