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    Electric furnace industry news

    The machine is used for mixing sand and core sand, and its structure is composed of boring plate, boring wheel, vertical main shaft, internal and external scraping plate, reducer, sand discharging groove and electric motor.


    First, technical parameters


    1 . Normal primary mixing amount ------------------------ 2 ~ 5 kg


    2 . Every time of mixing -------------------------8 to 16 points


    3 . Disk (diameter) -----------------------4 10 mm


    4 . wheel (diameter width) --------------------190 65 mm


    5 . Vertical spindle speed --------------------------30 ~ 32 rpm


    6 . Motor model ---------------------------Y801-4


      Speed ---------------------------------------390 rpm


    Power --------------------------------------- 550 watts


    7 . Dimensions (length width height) -----------665 420 590 mm


    8 . Machine weight -------------------------------- 125 kg


    Second use and adjustment


    1 . Check if the circuit is insulated and the ground wire is connected.


    2 . Adjust the gap between the wheel 3 and the plate 4 to 3 to 5 mm, and adjust the gap between the blade and the plate to 2 to 3 mm.


    3 . Evenly pour into the molding material that needs to be mixed, start the motor 2 , mix according to the process requirements, and cover the protective cover if necessary .


    4 . Place the sand container under the sanding tank 7. When the mixing is finished , pull out the sand door 6. When the sand in the sand mixer is completely drained, turn off the motor.


    5 . The inner and outer scrapers should be used to push the sand on the disc to the middle of the two wheels. If the edge of the disc and the center are sanded, the angle and curvature of the inner and outer scrapers should be adjusted.


    6 . For example, when mixing the same type of core and core sand continuously, a small amount of residual sand is allowed to remain. If there is too much residual sand, the inner and outer gap distances of the inner and outer scraping plates can be adjusted.


    7 . The rim rim must be cleaned before mixing the sand or mixing the other components and core sand.


    Three installation, repair and maintenance


    1 . This machine should be installed on the concrete base.


    2 . The newly installed sand mixer should pay attention to the counterclockwise direction of the turning wheel and check whether the electrical insulation is good. The fuel tank should be filled with 20# oil to the oil marking line.


    3 . Each year, the one-way thrust bearing 8305 of the vertical spindle and the movable part of the wheel are refueled once.


    4 . Every year, the old oil in the fuel tank and the old butter in the motor, the single row radial bearing 205 on the wheel must be replaced.


    5 . When the disc surface, the scraper and the worm are severely worn, they should be replaced.


    6 . When not in use, the residual sand, water and dust inside and outside the machine should be cleaned. The machined surface is oiled and rustproof, and the cover is dustproof.

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