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    Electric furnace repair

    3 tons steel melting furnace with transformer rectification requirements

    The 3 ton steel shell melting furnace must be equipped with a 12- pulse rectifier transformer before it can be used. Must be 12 pulse or 6- pulse rectifier transformer ripple large noise and large energy consumption.

    3 ton steel shell melting furnace rectifier transformer


    The rectifier transformer is used to reduce the primary high voltage to the input voltage suitable for the intermediate frequency power supply. A dedicated high-impedance oil-immersed self-cooling rectifier transformer is used, and its model is ZS series.


    Technical Parameters


    1)        Type: ZS series 1 set

    2)        Rated capacity: 2 0 00 kVA

    3)        Number of phases: 6 phases and 12 pulses.

    4)        Rated frequency 50HZ

    5)        Rated voltage: high voltage side 10 kV

    Low side (1) 0. 95 kV

    Low pressure side (2) 0. 95 kV

    6)        Pressure regulation mode: no magnetic load voltage regulation 5 files

    7)        Tap range: 10KV 2 2.5%

    8)        Connection group: Dd0y11

    9)        Short circuit impedance: 6%

    10)   Insulation level: LI75AC35/AC5

    skills requirement


    1)        Cooling method: oil-immersed and self-cooling.

    2)        Pressure regulation method: no load voltage regulation

    3)        Transformer temperature rise: coil (resistance method) 65 C

    Top oil layer (thermometer method) 55 C

    Fuel tank and machine component surface 80 C

    4)        Shield between the high and low voltage windings and reliably ground through the clamp tank housing.

    5)        The insulation of the transformer insulation is grade A.

    6)        Short-circuit impedance, no-load loss, and load loss are values based on the fundamental rated capacity.

    7)        A magnetic isolation plate or a magnetic strip is installed between the low-voltage porcelain sleeve and the box body.

    8)        The transformer low voltage is connected by copper bars.

    9)        The rectifier transformer heat sink uses a chip radiator.

    10)   The transformer is equipped with an oil sample valve, and the oil tank at the bottom of the transformer tank is provided.

    11)   The transformer sealing ring is made of acrylate rubber to ensure that the transformer oil does not leak when the transformer is working at the highest temperature and lowest temperature.

    12)   The transformer core is made of WISCO high-quality cold-rolled silicon steel sheet, and the 45C full oblique joint glass ribbon is used for non-porous lashing structure. The coil is made of high quality oxygen-free copper magnet wire. Can withstand short circuits and unexpected temperature rises, noise and vibration loads IEC551.

    13)   The transformer uses vacuum oil to completely remove moisture from the insulation.

    14)   The surface of the fuel tank is phosphatized and electrostatically sprayed after spraying.

    15)   Overload capability: 125%, 2 hours; 200%, 10 seconds. Long-term operation under no load at 110% rated voltage. At 105% of rated voltage, it can be operated for a long time at rated current.

    16)   Noise level: noise 60dB

    17)   Others are by standard.



    1)        With alarm contact thermometer (signals are passive contacts).

    2)        Pressure relief device.

    3)        High-voltage, low-voltage side insulation sleeve.

    4)        Oil valve (oil filter connection valve; oil drain valve; oil sample valve, etc.).

    5)        Gas relays (respectively for heavy gas and light gas contact signals, all passive contacts),

    6)        Dehumidifying respirator

    7)        Ground terminal.

    8)        Hanging.

    9)        Nameplate (with wiring diagram).

    10)   Exhaust valve (on the gas relay).

    11)   Use 25# transformer oil.

    12)   With oil pillows.

    13)   Transformer marking, lifting, installation, transportation and storage shall be carried out in accordance with GB/T6451-1995.

    14)   The color of the transformer housing is (silver gray).

    15)   The signage of the transformer equipment number.

    16)   Others (performed by national standard).


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