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    Electric furnace principle

    To maintain the induction melting furnace for casting, be sure to remember these 8 points!


    1. Maintaining the induction melting furnace first requires a one-week or half-month shutdown to check all the performance of the machine in order to keep abreast of the equipment. The following are the daily and one or half-month inspection steps.

    2. In order for the machine to be used better when it is working, it must be:

    (1) Use a temperature gun to observe the temperature of the thyristor and the RC resistor and the operating temperature of the grading resistor. The temperature measurement time is divided into three stages: the first temperature measurement is about 5 to 10 minutes after the machine runs the first furnace of molten steel, and the temperature is measured after about 5 to 10 minutes. The second time is about once again when the molten steel is almost full. Then the temperature is measured for the third time at the end of the smelting, which is the last full power of today. Of course, the above three temperature measurements need to be recorded in order to find problems and solve problems in time.

    (2) Check the screws of the cable for looseness every day.

    (3) Before starting the machine every day, you must confirm the opening of the power pump and the furnace water pump. The water pressure is 1.5 to 1.7 kg pressure in the power cabinet, and the furnace body is 1.5 to 2 kg pressure.

    (4) Keep the iron water and metal objects near the furnace water cable.


    3. Before running the equipment, the pump must be turned on for 10 minutes in advance to observe whether there is any water leakage and the water seepage condition is detected immediately, so as not to affect the production.

    4. If the machine detects an abnormal temperature of the thyristor, it should immediately check the cause to see if the water pipe is folded to cause insufficient water flow and heat, or there is dirt clogging inside the thyristor sleeve.

    5. If it is found that the resistance temperature of the rectifying resistor is obviously different from other resistors, it should be checked immediately whether the capacitor is open or the resistor is damaged. Generally, the reactor will be obviously shaken when it is turned on.


    6. Note when checking maintenance every week or every half month:

    (1) The inverter has the possibility of dropping the wire groove on the upper surface of the resistance-resistance protection to avoid short-circuiting and non-inductive resistance and burning the KK tube. If you find it, you can tie it with a tie.

    (2) The screws of the equipment and the water card should be tightened once a week to avoid damage caused by falling or loosening.

    (3) Observe the hydraulic hydraulic oil once a week for insufficient performance. Generally, at least 80% of the oil should be maintained.

    (4) Look at the place, some manufacturers have lower water quality. Please do a good job in the water distributor of the medium frequency power supply. If there is serious, please do a water dispenser to replace it with the whole time. It is strictly forbidden to weld on one machine after disassembling one nozzle. This can seriously affect the production schedule and bring unnecessary time loss. The water distributor is usually replaced once every 3 months for an open water system. If you are fully enclosed, try to replace it once every six months to once a year.


    7. The cleaning of the pipe sleeve is generally carried out in a water pipe jacket with a concentration of 20% diluted hydrochloric acid for 10 minutes to 15 minutes. Generally, after washing, it must be used once with 100% water and dried with compressed air, so as not to let the hydrochloric acid rot the tube sleeve.

    8. Hydraulic maintenance points: Use hydraulic oil to pay attention to the cleanliness of the oil and the amount of oil. It is generally necessary to replace the hydraulic oil once every six months and clean the filter once a month. Note that there are two strainers inside the hydraulic station. Do not work at the bottom of the hydraulic station. Be sure to place it on the shelf inside the hydraulic station to prevent the iron filings inside the hydraulic station from entering the hydraulic pump and damaging the pump.

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