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    Industrial electric furnace technical information

    How to choose the intermediate frequency electric furnace transformer

    At present, due to the provisions of China's power supply policy, the transformers used in domestic industrial power are generally S7 and S9 power transformers, and the secondary voltage output is 380V, while the secondary output voltage of foreign medium frequency electric furnaces is 650-780V. If a special transformer for the medium frequency induction furnace is used, the secondary output voltage becomes 650V, when the output power is constant, the output current is reduced to 0.585 times, and the copper loss is reduced to about 1/3 of the original. The heat generation of the transformer is reduced, so that the copper coil is not caused by the excessive temperature, the resistance is increased, the heat taken away by the cooling system is also reduced, and the energy saving effect is obviously increased. The supply voltage can also be adjusted in time during the operation of the electric furnace to adjust the input power of the furnace to minimize the loss of the intermediate frequency induction furnace. Therefore, it is imperative to use a special transformer for medium frequency electric furnace to increase the voltage potential.

    In addition, limiting the no-load operation of the transformer can also play a role in energy saving. In practical applications, when the dead time exceeds several hours or when the production is stopped, the power is cut off and the transformer is stopped in time, which is more conducive to energy saving and power factor reduction of the transformer. It is recommended to use a special transformer for the intermediate frequency furnace. To adopt professional energy-saving type. Non-standard. The secondary voltage is 575v 660v 750v 950v.

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