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    Industrial electric furnace technical information

    The inspection and operation part of the induction melting furnace before starting up

    1 Induction melting furnace automatic cutting adjustment Before the start of the machine, the automatic safety control system of the production line is strictly sensitive and reliable, and the equipment is running normally.

    2 Before the starter is turned on, the water separator must be opened to drain the remaining water in the air pipe.

    3 The adjustment must check whether the pneumatic control system is sensitive and reliable, including manual control mechanism and mobile control mechanism. Inspection method: press the manual button and the motorized impact board respectively, and the command can flexibly control the pressing device.

    (1) Induction melting furnace operation part:

    1 Turn on the cooling water, check whether the water outlets are unblocked and the pressure of the water pressure gauge is >0.8kg/cm2

    2 Close the iron shell switch on the wall, then close the power main switch, the AC voltmeter has an indication, and the incoming line light is on, indicating that the three-wire power supply has power.

    3 Press the Control Circuit On button and the Control Circuit On yellow indicator lights. The two lights on the control box are on, and the rectifier trigger current meter, 15V reverse power supply, and 24V power supply are all indicated.

    4 Place the Check C Work switch on the control box in the working position.

    5 Press the Main Circuit button to turn on the main circuit.

    6 Return the potentiometer on the right front door counterclockwise to the O position (this is best when adjusting), then press the inverter start button. At this time, the DC voltage is about 100 volts. (If there is no voltage, the start will not succeed. ), wait 2 to 3 seconds to hear the induction melting furnace sound, the inverter work yellow light.

    7 Under the condition that the impedance frequency is suitable, the potentiometer on the right door can be adjusted clockwise to increase the rectified voltage, the DC current rises, and the voltage and power of the induction melting furnace rise. At this time, it should be noted that: Ua=(1.2 ~1.4) Ud.

    8 When heating to a suitable temperature, reduce the power and press the Inverter Stop button.

    9 If it is no longer heated, first break the main circuit, then break the control circuit, and finally divide the main power switch.

    10 After the power failure, the cooling water cannot be turned off immediately. At least the water should be discharged for 15 minutes before the water can be stopped.

    11 Pay attention to the water on the ground. Iron scraps should not fall into the wire trench to avoid short circuit. Regularly (once a month) check the wire trench for water or debris.

    12 If the furnace is broken, stop the furnace immediately and replace the furnace tube. Otherwise, it will endanger the personal safety. When replacing the furnace tube, prevent the injury induction ring and dry it.

    13 When the device is running, if it suddenly fails, it should be shut down and repaired immediately. After the fault is rectified, when it is restarted, there should be no material in the furnace (ie, no-load start), and it can be successful.

    (2) Safety operation process of induction melting furnace:

    1 Before starting, check the cooling water, lubrication and grounding conditions, and confirm that it can start normally.

    2 The cooling water pressure must not be lower than the specified value. After 15 minutes of shutdown, the water can be stopped.

    3 It is forbidden to start continuously in the hot state and prohibit overload operation.

    4 In case of water stoppage or abnormality such as overheating of the bar, stop immediately.

    5 During operation, the current and voltage must be matched according to the regulations, and the starting personnel must not leave.

    6 Check the furnace every shift, find abnormalities, stop immediately, check the wiring ditch for water or debris in each shift, and deal with it in time.


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