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    Electric furnace industry news

    Special reminder for vacuum hot pressing furnace

    1.1 Vacuum hot pressing furnace Because the mold is generally prepared by the user, the mold material is basically high-purity graphite, and the pressure limit is 40MPa. It is recommended that the user use it below 30MPa for safety. Before and after pressing, the mold should be calculated. The area of the head is then converted into pressure. The specific formula is as follows:

    System allows pressurization (tons) = upper or lower punch area 30MPa

    The company is not responsible for damage to the graphite products such as molds, press blocks, heating elements, and heat shields without blind pressure.

    1.2 The thermocouple is a tungsten-rhenium type. When used, it will become brittle and cannot be touched. If it is damaged, it should be replaced in time. Its model is W2.

    1.3 Winter should pay attention to the problem of warming the circulating water, otherwise it will easily burst.

    1.4 After use, the furnace body should be kept vacuum, because the insulation layer in the furnace is easy to get wet, so keep the vacuum so that the next vacuum will be faster.

    1.5 This equipment is more complicated. It is recommended to use it by someone, and it is responsible for the person. The pre-existing training is strictly applied to the novice. After use, the equipment must be recorded and used.

    1.6 This vacuum hot pressing furnace can also be used as a vacuum sintering furnace. When using it in a vacuum sintering furnace, please note that after placing the crucible in the furnace, do not forget to cover the small cover after covering the thermal insulation screen cover. Otherwise, it is easy to burn the electric furnace.

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