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    Electric furnace industry news

    160 KVA power transformer with little melting furnace

    Melting furnace transformer characteristics

    Energy saving, anti-harmonic, non-heating, short circuit resistance, strong overload capability and fast melting speed. The same capacity as compared to conventional transformers, the melting time by about 20%, tons of power consumption reduced by about 80%, the annual output of 3,000 tons by calculation, saving about 300,000 each year. This product is suitable for melting furnaces up to 30 tons . The high side voltage is 10Kv and 35Kv . Voltage into the low voltage side: sixteen kinds 400v, 600v, 660v, 690v, 700v, 720v, 750v, 800v, 850v, 900v, 950v, 1000v, 1050v, 1100v, 1250v, 1500v like.

    Stable electrical performance: The product combines load characteristics and grid voltage fluctuations, atmospheric overvoltage conditions, according to the load condition of the rectifier transformer, determines a reasonable and reliable insulation level and insulation model to fully ensure the electrical performance of the product is reliable and stable. Product environmental safety factor  1.67 ( 2 ) Good thermal stability: advanced product design, strict control of the heating part of the product and the hottest temperature, and sufficient temperature rise margin, if necessary, can add axial direction in the coil The oil passage selects the cooling method according to the coil load loss value and distributes the oil flow reasonably to achieve the best cooling effect. The main temperature rise indicators are at least 5 degrees lower than the international one . The coil and the lead wire are made of copper wire, and the current density is selected to be low.

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