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    Electric furnace technical information
        Vacuum hot pressing furnace technical parameters
      (1) Technical conditions:
    1 working temperature: room temperature - 2000 < C;
    2 temperature uniformity: \ 5 < C (3 points temperature measurement, 1000 < C constant temperature);
    3 temperature control accuracy: \ 1 < C;
    4 empty furnace heating rate: −500 <C / h;
    5 controllable temperature zone: 1;
    6 working area size: Φ550mm 〜 400mm;
    7 ultimate vacuum: + 8 〜 10-4Pa (empty furnace, cold state);
    8 hot state vacuum: + 5 〜 10-2Pa (empty furnace, 1600 < C);
    9 pressure rise rate: + 0.5Pa / h;
    10 press working tonnage: 150T;
    11 indenter diameter: Φ250mm;
    12 pressurization mode: two-way pressurization;
    13 indenter stroke: upper and lower indenter each 100mm;
    14 stroke control accuracy: + 1mm;
    15 inflation pressure: 0.11MPa (absolute pressure)
    16 inflation gas: nitrogen or argon

    (2) Installation conditions:

    Floor area: 5,000*6,000 (mm);
    Installation form: vertical body, press vertical (double beam and four columns);
    Power supply: 210kw, 380V;
    Water source: pressure −0.3Mpa, flow rate −5t/h;

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    Adress: Luoxin Industrial Park, Luoyang, Henan