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    Industrial electric furnace technical information

    IF furnace number of issues that must be checked before opening oven

    1 ) Whether the water gauge pressure indication is normal to determine the cooling water pressure;

    2 ) Check the cooling water tank and whether the pipeline is blocked;

    3 ) Check if the cooling water pipe joints of the thyristor, capacitor, filter reactor and water-cooled cable are corroded or leaking;

    4 ) Check if the inlet water temperature meets the requirements;

    5 ) Whether there are any attachments (such as conductive dust, residual iron, etc.) on the outer surface, gate and bottom of the induction coil. If compressed air is applied,

    6 ) Whether the surface insulation of the induction coil is damaged, if any, partial repair with TSC-L ultra-high temperature insulation paint. Avoid the formation of sparks or arcing to further damage the coil or power supply;

    7 ) Whether there is crack at the junction of the fireplace lining and the taphole in the furnace lining, the crack is more than 3mm , and the lining material is filled, and the lining of the bottom and the slag line is partially corroded and thinned;

    8 ) Check whether the copper wire and wire joints of the main circuit have heat and discoloration caused by poor contact, and if necessary, tighten the screws;

    9 ) Check whether the instrument indication on the control panel of the control panel in the cabinet is normal;

    10 ) Check if the leak alarm device is normal and indicate whether the current is within the determined value;

    11 ) Test the oil pump to check whether the hydraulic system oil level, pressure, leakage, tilting furnace and furnace lid cylinder are stable, normal and flexible;

    Whether 12) hearth pit with debris (magnetic material) is not cleared may have a fever;

    13 ) Whether there is water or moisture in the iron sump, if it should be eliminated and dried;


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    Adress: Luoxin Industrial Park, Luoyang, Henan