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    Industrial electric furnace technical information

    IF furnace solve 10 faults law

    1 . First move again

    For faulty electrical equipment, do not rush to start, you should first ask the intermediate frequency furnace before and after the failure and failure phenomenon. For the sparse medium frequency furnace equipment, you should also be familiar with the circuit principle and structural characteristics, and abide by the corresponding rules. Before disassembly, be fully familiar with the function, position, connection method and relationship with other surrounding components of the intermediate frequency furnace. If there is no assembly drawing, draw a sketch and mark it.

    2 . External exterior

    First check the medium frequency furnace equipment for obvious cracks and defects, understand the maintenance history and service life of the intermediate frequency furnace, and then check the internal frequency furnace. Before the disassembly, the fault factors around the queue should be queued and determined to be disassembled after the fault in the intermediate frequency furnace. Otherwise, blind disassembly may worsen the equipment.

    3 . Mechanical and electrical

    Only after determining that the mechanical parts are not faulty, perform an electrical inspection of the intermediate frequency furnace. When checking the circuit fault, you should use the testing instrument to find the fault location, and confirm the faultless fault after the contact, and then check the operational relationship between the line and the machine in order to avoid misjudgment.

    4 . Dynamic after static

    When the device is not powered, determine the quality of the electrical device buttons, contactors, thermal relays, and fuses to determine where the fault is. Power-on test, listen to its sound, measure parameters, judge faults, and finally perform maintenance. For example, when the motor is out of phase, if the three-phase voltage value cannot be determined, it should be heard and the relative ground voltage measured separately to determine which phase is defective.

    5 . First clean and repair

    For medium-frequency furnace electrical equipment with heavy pollution, first clean the buttons, wiring points and contact points, and check whether the external control keys are malfunctioning. Many faults are caused by dirty and conductive dust, which is often ruled out after cleaning.

    6 . First power supply device

    The failure rate of the power supply part of the intermediate frequency furnace accounts for a high proportion of the entire faulty equipment, so it is often more effective to repair the intermediate frequency furnace power supply first.

    7 . First general after special

    Faults caused by the quality of assembly parts or other equipment failures generally account for about 50% of common faults . The special faults of the intermediate frequency furnace electrical equipment are mostly soft faults, which depend on experience and instrumentation for measurement and maintenance.

    8 . First outer and inner

    Do not rush to replace damaged electrical components. When confirming that the peripheral circuit is normal, consider replacing the damaged electrical components.

    9 . DC after AC

    During maintenance, the static working point of the intermediate frequency furnace DC circuit must be checked first, and then the dynamic working point of the AC circuit.

    10 . Debug after failure

    For intermediate frequency furnace electrical equipment coexisting with commissioning and faults, the fault should be eliminated before commissioning. The commissioning must be carried out under the premise of electrical line speed.

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