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    Industrial electric furnace technical information

    What is the use of the yoke in the steel shell medium frequency electric furnace?

    The yoke is a yoke made of a stack of silicon steel sheets. It is uniformly and symmetrically divided around the induction coil. Its function is to constrain the magnetic flux leakage of the induction coil to improve the efficiency of the induction and increase the magnetic shielding. The heat generation of metal members such as the hob also serves to reinforce the inductor.

    The intermediate frequency furnace body has a built-in yoke, and the yoke shielding can reduce the leakage magnetic flux, prevent the furnace body from heating and improve the efficiency. At the same time, the yoke acts as a support for fixing the induction coil, so that the furnace body achieves high strength and low noise.


    The yoke is a crescent-shaped yoke made of cold-rolled silicon steel sheet and stainless steel splint. The joint surface of the iron core and the coil is a circular arc surface, and the pressing portion is a surface instead of a line in the past. Good, less magnetic leakage. After the silicon steel sheets are stacked, they are tightened with a special splint instead of a special threaded screw . This structure can make full use of the magnetic permeability area of the silicon steel sheet and reduce the possibility of local heating of the medium frequency induction melting furnace body.


    The structure and working principle of the yoke

    The yoke usually refers to a soft magnetic material that does not produce a magnetic field (magnetic line) itself, which is only transmitted by a magnetic field line in a magnetic circuit, and a yoke is generally manufactured by using soft iron having a relatively high magnetic permeability, A3 steel, and a soft magnetic alloy, in some special cases. Occasionally, the yoke is also made of a ferrite material.

    Due to the existence of the yoke, we can pass the magnetic lines generated by the energized wire package (coil) and permanent magnet to the place we need, which is a bit like a circuit.

    A specially designed water-cooled radiator is arranged between the yoke and the stainless steel plate clamp, and the intermediate frequency induction furnace ensures that the upper yoke is at a normal temperature state during operation, thereby preventing deformation due to the high temperature of the yoke, thereby strengthening the pair. The support of the induction coil increases the overall strength of the furnace.

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