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    Industrial electric furnace technical information
        To reduce the amount of heat loss, many mining companies replaced their traditional coal-fired cupola furnaces with induction melting furnaces, as they are cleaner and more energy efficient than other combustion furnaces. If compared with cupola, oil, and gas furnaces to induction melting furnaces offer greater flexibility for batching, a quieter working environment, closer process control, and better metal homogeneity.

    Melting Time

    With the installation of an induction furnace, mining companies can benefit from a higher melt rate and the mining site can undertake a number of batch melts in a shorter period of time, meaning the mining site is now highly efficient. Induction furnaces also have many other advantages, including:

    Energy Conservation

    Induction melitng furnaces use a non-contact method of heating which is highly energy efficient, and allows the furnace to reduce the total energy consumption of melting metals. Also less energy is wasted, as induction furnaces do not use combustion to produce heat. This means the rate of heat loss is relatively lower in induction furnaces compared to traditional furnaces.

    Higher Production Rates

    Induction heating is a cleaner and more effective way of producing heat. This form of heating works very quickly and easily melts metals within a short period of time. Moreover, there is no start up time for induction melting, and there is no warm up or cool down cycle required.

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