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    Industrial electric furnace technical information
        Medium frequency induction furnace wet knotting solution
    The knotting of the furnace is an important process in the smelting and casting of the medium frequency induction furnace. Over the years, it has been unsatisfactory to knot the furnace and purchase the integral furnace. We have achieved a good improvement by using the induction melting furnace wet knotting technology.
    The induction electric furnace  wet knotting technology is a new technology for knotting the furnace in recent years. After being introduced to our company in 2012, through a serious pre-argument, we succeeded in one fell swoop, and solved the problem that the work of the furnace that has been plaguing us has been labor-intensive, time-consuming, and difficult to grasp the quality of the knot, and this method is hit. The knot of the furnace is also easy to disassemble, and the service life is almost the same as that of the dry method. The 1t furnace can ensure the safe melting of 60t metal liquid every time.
    2. Basic methods
    At the beginning of the application, we used silica sand as the base material for the binder. The basic ingredients are: silica sand: 2# (8 ~ 10 mesh) 5 %, 3 # (10 ~ 26 mesh) 35%, 4 # (16 ~ 24 mesh) 35%, 8 # (250 ~ 400 mesh) 25%; Boric acid: 2.5%; water: 8%. After three-drying and three-wet rebuilding, the vibrating rod is vibrated by the side feeding and gradually knotted to the furnace mouth. Naturally dry for 4 to 6 hours (depending on the temperature), pull out the steel mold, and then dry naturally for not less than 2h (depending on the temperature, the natural drying time may be extended to 8 ~ 10h is best). After making the furnace collar, put 6-8 steel pipes in the furnace wall, put a steel pipe in the middle (with the base), and then start the power oven. The oven specification is the same as the dry knotted furnace.
    3. Comparison
    Compared to dry knotting furnaces, wet knotted furnaces do not dry knots that may exist. Each time the added furnace material is filled evenly under the action of the vibrating rod, the excess water is continuously upward, which ensures that the combination of the newly added furnace material and the furnace material in the furnace is not stratified. Especially afterwards, we used a mixer to mix the charge, and completely abandoned the labor intensity of the furnace. Knotting the stove is not only easy, but also the quality is guaranteed. Nowadays, we use refractory aggregates (a multi-standard furnace material preparation) produced by professional factories to make the knotting of the furnace easier. The only drawback is that the physical strength is not as high as that of the dry method, but as long as the smelting operation is carried out for its characteristics, the shortage is not a problem.
    4. Technical points
    Technical points to be aware of when using the wet method to knot the furnace:
    (1) The holding of the moisture of the stirring furnace material should be dry and not wet, so as to avoid excessive water overflow during knotting.
    (2) The oven should be carried out separately, and the oven should not be taken. The first smelting, especially the initial addition of the charge, should try to make the charge hit the bottom of the furnace and the wall of the furnace. At other times, it is necessary to avoid the use of the furnace wall as a support to move the charge.
    (3) Pay special attention to the slats when adding the charge to avoid the occurrence of the material handling operation.
    (4) When the furnace is partially peeled off, it is coated with water glass and then tightly packed with a wet material.

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    Tel:18037961302 Sales hot line ( 24 hours service): 18037961302
    Adress: Luoxin Industrial Park, Luoyang, Henan