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    Industrial electric furnace technical information

    The appearance of the equipment is neat and beautiful, and the wiring of the pipeline is regular.

    Special forming heating device furnace heating chamber:

    For vacuum or protective atmosphere: the heater is a graphite hollow tube, which is connected with graphite nut and graphite plate to form a mouse cage. The temperature uniformity of Z and the uniform heating of workpiece are ensured by the distribution of circular symmetry three areas outside the homogeneous temperature region.

    The insulating material is imported high-temperature graphite felt and high-temperature mullite felt, and the outer layer is stainless steel shell. In order to facilitate incoming and outgoing materials, the front of the heating chamber door, horizontal discharge.

    The heat exchanger is convenient to replace. The entire heating area can be removed as a fully structured component for easy maintenance and repair.

     Furnace body for special forming heating device:

    Vertical installation, the front door mode. Double-layer water-cooled structure, inner layer is stainless steel material, polishing according to high vacuum requirements. The outer layer is treated with carbon steel spray paint.

    The furnace body is provided with a vacuum interface, an electrode introduction device, a thermocouple temperature measuring device and an optical temperature measuring device. An inflatable device.

    The furnace door is provided with an observation window device and an electrode introduction device. The sealing structure of furnace body and door is flange and handwheel bolt is locked.

    Special seal ring better guarantee seal low leakage.

    4) Special forming heating device furnace vacuum system:

    KT-250 diffuser pump, 2X-8 rotary vane pump, QF-250 vacuum valve, QF-40 vacuum valve, electromagnetic outlet valve, bellows, pipeline, support, in which the main diffusive vacuum pump adopts a five-stage structure with high limit pressure.

    Gas charging and discharging system:

    It is composed of solenoid valve, barometer and pipeline, which can set different inflatable pressure range. It can automatically inflate and replenish gas through pressure switch. It is used to ensure specific pressure in furnace under certain technological conditions, and to prevent the component of workpiece from volatilizing.

    The process gas can be filled with high purity nitrogen or argon.

    The inflatable valves and pipes are located on the lower side of the furnace body, and the exhaust valves and pipes are located on the upper side of the furnace.

    water cooling system 

    According to the requirement of cooling water in each part of vacuum furnace, the water separator for inlet and outlet is made up of valves, pipes, etc.

    Cooling furnace body, furnace door, vacuum system, water-cooled pressure head, water-cooled electrode, etc.

    Water pressure sensors are installed in the main intake line, warning is issued in case of water shortage and insufficient pressure, and safety linkage is initiated under the control of PLC.

    Air control system:

    The utility model is composed of pneumatic triplex, electromagnetic directional valve and pipeline.

    Pneumatic valves used to drive systems.

    Press and hydraulic system:

    Press type double beam two-column type, with a large working platform, used to place the vacuum furnace body. In order to ensure the flatness of the upper and lower pressure head, the connection between the water cooled pressure head and the cylinder is flange connection.

    The special hydraulic system of vacuum hot pressing furnace developed by Weitai Company is used to drive the cylinder and control the stroke of the pressure head.

    Output pressure 0.5-10 tons, proportional pressure relief valve control pressure output, automatic setting secondary pressure, pressure stepless controllable.

    Electronic control system

    With programmable controller PLC, industrial control computer, touch screen, according to the process requirements for automatic control of the equipment, and process parameters recorded and real-time display;

    Temperature control:

    The digital display temperature control meter is used to intelligently control and display the temperature rise process, and the temperature rising process is carried out step by step according to the process requirements.

    Heating power: the total heating power is 30 kW, the heating power is thyristor controlled silicon, divided into three regions to heat to ensure uniform temperature;

    The power controller adopts phase shift trigger to realize the stepless regulation of the voltage, so as to achieve the purpose of controlling the power. It has the functions of soft start, soft turn off, constant current, current limiting and phase deficiency protection, load breakage protection, overcurrent protection, overheating protection and so on.

    Vacuum shows:

    Compound digital vacuum meter, low vacuum thermometer, high vacuum ionization meter;

    Pressure control:

    Control element: PLC module;

    Sensors: oil pressure sensors;

    Displacement control:

    Control element: PLC module;

    Sensor: grating ruler displacement meter;


    All instruments and control elements are centralized in a special electronic control cabinet

    The main electrical components are selected high quality electrical components, and the corresponding electrical safety linkage to ensure the stability and reliability of the equipment;

    Set up necessary alarm and protection, such as excessive temperature, low water pressure, low air pressure, etc.

    Technical specification of furnace for special forming heating device

    Maximum temperature: 2200

    operating temperature: room temperature-2000

    heating time: from room temperature to 2000 2 hours (empty furnace);From room temperature to 2200 4 hours (empty furnace);

    Mean temperature: 5 (3 points at 1000 )

    temperature measurement: room temperature-1600 , type B thermocouple, 1100-2200 , infrared thermometer;

    temperature control accuracy: 1 ;

    Working area size: 120 120mm (diameter height);

    Cold limit vacuum degree: 5*103Pa

    the thermal state limit vacuum degree: 5*10-2Pa (vacuum furnace 1800 );

    10) pressure rise rate: 0.5 Pa / h;

    11) working pressure of press: 10T;

    12) pressure control accuracy: 0.2T;

    13) diameter of water-cooled head: 50mm;

    14) head stroke: 80 mm;

    15) stroke display accuracy: 0.02mm;

    16) pressure mode: the upper pressure head is unidirectional pressurized;

    17) inflatable pressure: 0.05 MPA


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