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    50 100 round steel heating furnace

    product description


    KGPS300KW/1.5 . Round steel, round bar : 50 100 . The heating temperature: 1150 [deg.] .

    Parameter result:

    Copper tube 12 is 14 stand around, ring number: 27 , gap: 2.8mm , water: . 4 Article

    Press 7+7+7+6 points.

    Copper tube 18 is  12 is 2  flat wound, lap number: 24 , gap: 3mm , water: . 3 Article

    Press 8+8+8 points.

    Two ring -phase winding, copper tube12 is 14 to the feed end. Wire diameter:  96 .

    Line length: L1= (12+2.8 27=399.6

    L2= 18+3 24=504    total line length L=399.6+504+6+9=921.6

    Lining knotting inner diameter: [Phi] 70 , water-cooling the rail: [Phi] 10 ,

    Capacitor: RFM0.75-1500-2.5S set


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    Adress: Luoxin Industrial Park, Luoyang, Henan