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    product description


    0.25T induction melting furnace



    1, uses and characteristics: induction melting furnace is mainly applied to the molten steel, iron, copper, aluminum and alloys, suitable for a variety of metal melts. Features: melting and heating up quickly, furnace temperature is easy to control, and production efficiency is high.

    2, 0.25T induction melting furnace consists of:

    1 ,Power and electrical parts: 250kw intermediate frequency power supply  

    2,The furnace body part: aluminum shell or steel shell, the steel shell furnace body is composed of a furnace shell, a fixed frame, a furnace cover, a tilting furnace mechanism, an induction coil, a yoke, etc., and a leak alarm device.

    3 ,Transmission: 431mechanical reducer or hydraulic device.

    4 ,Water cooling system: ZXZ-20T closed loop cooling tower


    Induction melting furnace consisting 0.25T

    250kw intermediate frequency power supply

    250kw / 0.25T /1000HZ

    Filter compensation capacitor cabinet

    0.75- 2 000-1S

    0.25T furnace body

    GW- 0.25T

    Water cooled cable

    LHSD- 300


    0.25T furnace dedicated

    Closed loop cooling tower



    3, 0.25T induction melting furnace technical parameters

    KGPS - 8 00 KW

    GW-0.25T aluminum shell body

    GW-0.25T steel shell body

    rated power



    Three-phase voltage

    3* 380 V

    3 * 38 0V

    IF voltage

    750 V

    750 V

    Melting rate

    About 0.6T / H

    About 0.6T / H

    Rated Capacity



    Rated temperature

    1800 C

    1800 C

    Power factor

    0.9 2

    0.9 2

    Tilting method:

    231 reducer

    Hydraulic system

    Intermediate frequency power supply

    KGPS-1/ 250kw

    KGPS-1/ 250kw

    Inverter structure

    Parallel inverter

    Parallel inverter

    capacitor bank



    Furnace structure

    Aluminum shell

    Steel shell

    Water cooled cable

    300mm 2

    300mm 2





    4, 0.25T induction melting furnace price range:  75 000 yuan -  100000 yuan. For specific prices, please consult

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