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    product description

        First, the melting furnace type:
    The  melting furnace is a power-saving product, advanced technology, precise and reliable control, mature manufacturing process, safe and stable operation, perfect protection system, reasonable layout, convenient management and maintenance. It has the characteristics of fast melting speed , low energy consumption and stable and reliable operation.
    Second, the melting furnace composition range:
    Medium frequency power supply capacitor cabinet furnace body (steel shell or aluminum shell furnace body) tilting furnace system remote control box closed loop cooling tower
    The melting furnace has protection systems such as overvoltage, overcurrent, water temperature, water pressure, short circuit, grounding, etc. The operation panel has various parameters of the working parameter display screen and the display working state, and there are indications such as fault and temperature.
    Third, 0.5T melting furnace technical parameters
    power supply Working form: single power supply 6 pulses
    Rectified form: 3- phase 6- pulse
    Output power: 25 0KW or 400 KW , different power different  prices.
    Power efficiency 98%
    Start mode: sweep soft start
    Startup rate: 100% (including heavy load)
    Rated frequency: 500KHZ-1000KHZ
    AC voltage: 400 V
    DC voltage: 500 V
    IF voltage: 750V, 1500V
    DC current: 500A-800 A
    Input frequency: 50Hz
    Circulating water volume: closed loop water cooling tower ZXZ-30T
    Furnace body Rated capacity: 500 KG
    Maximum capacity: 6 00KG
    Power factor: 0.9 2
    Melting time : about 40 minutes / furnace
    Working temperature: 155 0C -170 0C
    Loading diameter: 360 mm (upper mouth) Inner diameter of the ring: 560mm ring copper tube is 25x30x3mm
    Steel: turndown maximum angle: 95 Aluminum Shell: turndown maximum angle: 180
    Outlet mode: side outlet or rear outlet
    Circulating water volume: closed loop water cooling tower ZXZ-30T
    Tilting method: aluminum shell 531 reducer, steel shell hydraulic
    Unit power consumption: 65 0 degrees / T 5% 1550 C
    transformer Rated capacity: 400 KVA
    Primary voltage: 10KV
    Secondary voltage: 400 V , 575, 660v
    One phase: 3 phase
    Secondary phase number: /3 phase 6 pulse , 6 phase 12 pulse
    Output form: three three Y
    Cooling water
    system Closed - loop water cooling tower ZXZ-30T
    Cooling capacity : 1 5 0000 kcal/h Cooling water volume :30 m3/h Fan power : 1.1 KW x2 Fan air volume 16800m 3/h 2 Spray pump 30 m3/h; 1.5 kw Dimensions mm  285 0 1250 2750 (one size machine)
    Fourth , the melting furnace configuration table
    Serial number Name Quantity Remarks
    1 IF power cabinet 1 set  
    2 Furnace body 1 set Steel shell, yoke,
    3 Hydraulic system or reducer 1 set Hydraulic power station
    4 External console 1 set External control power adjustment for tilting furnace
    5 Water cooled cable 1 set 2 roots
    6 Model 1 3 mm steel plate
    7 Rectifier transformer 1 set Optional
    8 PLC automatic control display system 1 set Optional
    9 Closed loop cooling tower 1 set Optional
    10 Rectifier thyristor 2 spare
    11 Inverter thyristor 2 spare

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