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    product description


    50T medium frequency induction heating melting furnace

    1. Type of molten steel furnace :

    The molten steel furnace is a power-saving type product, which adopts a half-bridge parallel inverter intermediate frequency power supply (voltage resonance , whether the electric furnace is cold state, hot state, plus half charge or full material, the half bridge parallel inverter can output the rated Power, power factor is constant at 0.9 6 . ) The molten steel furnace is safe and reliable, in line with national standards and related regulations.

    The molten steel furnace has the advantages of high automation level, advanced technology, mature, accurate and reliable control, mature manufacturing process, safe and stable operation, perfect protection system, reasonable layout and convenient management and maintenance. It has the characteristics of fast melting speed , low energy consumption and stable and reliable operation.

    2. The composition range of this molten steel furnace :

    Transformer secondary copper discharge intermediate frequency power supply capacitor cabinet furnace body hydraulic tilting furnace system remote control box  closed loop cooling tower  water cooled pipeline.

    50T medium frequency induction heating melting furnace technical parameters

    power supply

    Working form: an inverter connected in parallel (SCR)power supply 24 four-phase pulse (a two electric furnace)

    Rectified form: 12 phase 24 pulse

    Output power: 2 5 00 0 KW

    Power efficiency 98%

    Start mode: variable frequency buffer start

    Startup rate: 100% (including heavy load)

    Rated frequency: 3 0 0Hz -500Hz

    AC voltage: 1500 V

    DC voltage: 2000 V

    IF voltage: 3000v

    DC current: 2500 A X 4

    AC current: 8000 A

    Input frequency: 50Hz

    1500v rectifier 4 way parallel,

    Inverter form: inverter parallel

    Dimensions: 6800 mm  20 00 mm  2120 mm ( length  width  height )

    Weight: 5000 KG or so

    Circulating water volume: closed - loop water cooling tower ZXZ-400T

    Furnace body

    Rated capacity: 45 0 0 0KG

    Maximum capacity: 50000 KG

    Rated power: 2 50 00KW

    Frequency: 300 Hz

    Power factor: 0.9 2

    Working mode: one electric two furnace

    Melting time : about 120 minutes / furnace

    Working temperature: 1 700 C

    Loading height: 1500mm hoop height: 3200mm

    Loading diameter: 1800 mm (upper mouth) ring inner diameter: 2200mm furnace ring copper tube is 40x70x8mm

    Loading diameter: 1600 mm (lower) Ring diameter: 2200mm

    Maximum angle of the tilting furnace: 95

    Lining thickness: 200 mm

    Outlet mode: side outlet

    Circulating water volume: 1548 tons / h

    Tilting method: hydraulic

    Unit power consumption: 5 60 degrees / ton 5% 1600 C

    Working voltage: 3200V

    Dimensions: 3680  4000  4200

    Weight: 200 00KG or so


    Rated Capacity: 12500 KVA two

    Primary voltage: 10KV

    Secondary voltage: 1500v

    One phase: 3 phase

    Secondary phase number: 6 phase 12 veins

    Output form: three three Y


    Hydraulic cylinder:

    Working pressure: 10Mpa

    Diameter:  320 plunger cylinder

    Itinerary: 2 107mm

    3 flow rate: >26L/Min

    Hydraulic station:

    Working pressure: 10Mpa

    Hydraulic pump: double pump double

    Form: Horizontal

    Capacity: 12 00L


    Mode: Electric (action indicator)

    Cooling water


    One-piece layered water cooling tower ZXZ- 4 00T (40/160)

    Cooling capacity 2 00000 0kcal/h

    cooling water volume 400m3/h

     Fan power 11 KW 2

    units Fan air volume 125000m3/h 2

     Spray pump 280 m3/h; 5.5 kw

    Dimensions mm  55 002 6 004910 (One machine size)

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