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    product description


    Automatic horizontal boxless molding machine foundry equipment 

    The automatic horizontal boxless molding machine adopts horizontal off-box modeling, which is suitable for the production of small and medium-sized castings such as valve mechanical parts, auto parts, hydraulic parts, pipe fittings, agricultural machinery parts and stove parts, and is suitable for the production of ductile iron and gray iron. , Ma Steel, non-ferrous metals and other materials.

    The main features of the K42 automatic horizontal splitting and unboxing molding machine are as follows:

    A: K42 automatic horizontal type off-box molding machine sand box size: 350 * 450 420 * 520 510 * 610 610 * 610 610 * 710, etc., can also be customized according to customer needs.


    Second: high production efficiency, 100-120 per hour (when not core).

    Three: This machine is specially set to the lower core mode, and it is safe and convenient to place the sand core.

    Four: The height of the sand box can be adjusted by the PLC within a certain range.

    Five: This machine is very convenient to change the mold. It only needs a few screws. It can be completed in ten minutes.

    Six: The machine's hydraulic, electronic control and other components are imported accessories, stable and reliable, high precision, fast speed and long life.

    Seven: Adopting human-machine touch interface, equipment operation and parameter setting are very convenient, with fault monitoring and display function, fault identification and elimination method, production statistics function, easy for production management.

    Eight: The use of imported rotary coding, running accuracy is extremely high.

    Nine: Adopt advanced hydraulic system, the action is stable, the pressing force is strong, and the sand type compactness can reach more than 85.

    Ten: Sand shooting is cut with air knife, air flow angle and gas volume are controlled by microcomputer to ensure uniform sand shooting.

    Eleven: The operation position is protected by advanced safety grating to ensure the safe production of operators.

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