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    Titanium rod medium frequency induction heating equipment

    product description


    Titanium rod medium frequency induction heating equipment

    First, the medium frequency induction heating features:

    1, fast heating, less oxidative decarburization

    Since the principle of the intermediate frequency induction heating is electromagnetic induction, the heat is generated by the work itself, so the heating mode has a fast heating rate, little oxidation, high heating efficiency, and good process repeatability.

    2,  High degree of automation for fully automated unmanned operation

    The automatic unloading and automatic discharge sorting device is selected, and the special control software developed by our company can be used to realize automatic unmanned operation.

    3,   Uniform heat and high temperature control accuracy

    The heating is even, and the temperature difference of the heating core is small. Temperature control is precisely controlled by a temperature control system.

    4,  Easy replacement of induction furnace

    Depending on the size of the machined workpiece, different sizes of induction furnaces can be configured. It can save energy and capital to the utmost. Each furnace body is designed with a water and electricity quick-change joint, which makes the furnace body replacement simple, fast and convenient.

    5,  Complete equipment protection, low failure rate, low maintenance rate, low loss rate

    The complete set of equipment is equipped with water temperature, water pressure, over-current, over-pressure and lack of protection, and has upper and lower temperature alarm devices. The device is reliably protected in the event of a fault without damaging the components.

    6,    Low energy consumption and no pollution

    High heating efficiency and limited energy consumption compared to other heating methods. The equipment meets environmental protection requirements and is non-polluting.

    Second, technical requirements:

    It is required to inductively heat the titanium bar material, the heating temperature is 900-1000 < C, the temperature is relatively uniform, and the temperature difference of the core watch does not exceed \ 10 < C.Automatic feeding is required, and automatic feeding is required. The beat is adjustable. The control system is more advanced and advanced. The surface of the titanium rod to be heated should not be subjected to too much friction, and the surface should be kept smooth. The specifications for heating the titanium rod are as follows:

    Φ61, 68 〜 880 Φ78, 88, 98, 108, 118, 128 〜 850

    Request beat: 1 minute / root

    Third, the complete set of equipment:

    1. Medium frequency power supply: KGPS-500KW/0.5KHZ

    2, 500KW compensation capacitor cabinet

    3. Medium frequency power supply KGPS-100KW/1KHZ

    4, 100KW compensation capacitor cabinet

    5, low voltage switch cabinet:

    6. Heating furnace: GTRF-88 (heating ø61- ø88 material) GTRF-128 (heating ø98- ø128 material)

    7, no coil equalizing furnace: GTRF-88 (average temperature ø61- ø88 material) GTRF-128 (average temperature ø98- ø128 material) 8, warming, temperature, holding furnace: GTRF-88 (average temperature ø61 - ø88 material) GTRF-128 (average temperature ø98- ø128 material)

    9, automatic control of the operating system

    10. Storage platform and pneumatic turning machine:

    11, pneumatic feeder:

    12, pneumatic pusher:

    13, pneumatic discharge machine:

    14. Two sorting institutions:

    15, infrared thermometer

    16. Water-water pure water cooler (FSS-100)

    17, connecting cable and copper row



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